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Foshan Baijun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a hydraulic equipment manufacturer with technology development as its driving force, with fine blanking machine, steel back high-speed finishing machine, high-speed servo hydraulic press, hot-press forming machine and rapid edge cutting machine as its main products. At the same time, it can customize all kinds of hydraulic equipment manufacturers of non-standard hydraulic press for customers.
We have 18 years experience in designing and manufacturing non-standard hydraulic machinery, and can provide comprehensive technical support for customers. We have a very in-depth study on fine blanking process, powder metallurgy forming process and metal forging forming process. At present, the production equipment is mainly used in the manufacturing and assembling process of automotive parts. The products with core technical advantages are fine blanking machine, servo hydraulic press, hot pressing machine, powder automatic forming oil press, low pressure casting machine, all kinds of general oil press, all of them. All models can be redesigned according to the actual needs of customers.
We can develop various functions of hydraulic machinery according to the production process needs of customers. The company's main technicians have about 20 years'experience in manufacturing hydraulic machinery. We continue to improve our products and production processes, and learn from international advanced, continuous improvement, and strive to improve the productivity of users, as well as the stability of equipment. Combined with our experience, we use our high-quality automation equipment to meet your quality indicators.
Foshan Baijun Machinery Co., Ltd. strives for perfection and can compete with any advanced products in the world.
We constantly improve our technology and quality, and have always been proud of being the most professional precision blanking equipment manufacturer.
We promise to make every effort to satisfy our customers from the product to the next series of services.
We look forward to having a pleasant cooperation with you to improve your professional and high quality products and services.

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Add:Foshan city city streets Gaoming District Cangjiang Industrial Park Fu Cheng Road, No. 273 East Bay Park